Video Sewer Inspection & Repair

sewer inspections in Hamilton: When in doubt, scope it out!

When your drains are draining slowly, or you've had sewage backups reoccur it's a good idea to call the experts at Rooter Guys to schedule a video sewer inspection. Additionally, if you're purchasing a new home you may want to request this service as part of your inspection before purchase to ensure you aren't buying more than you bargained for! To help with this, we offer video sewer inspections for residential and commercial clients in Hamilton and surrounding areas. This inspection will allow us to identify the condition of your sewer lines and carry out any repair or replacement work wherever needed. For more information, call us today.

At Rooter Guys, we resolve drain problems for clients in Hamilton and surrounding areas. When we visit you, we’ll carry out a detailed inspection and use proper tools for the following:

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  • Elimination of clogs in sinks

  • Removal of food residue

  • Getting rid of dense materials

  • Cleaning and installation of grease traps

  • Cleaning of drains

  • Locating plumbing lines

  • High-power flushing

  • And more

Drains Unblocked With Ease

Get rid of obstructions and clogs with our drain cleaning services.